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Moonstruck Intermediary

The darkening of the horizon swept into our bedroom, reaching beyond our window to cast a golden taupe over waxen, milky walls. I felt my heart swell as a familiar sensation crept in-a wild, moonstruck intermediary between the macrocosms and every fiber within me. It was an excited consciousness filled with nostalgia, curiosity and minute beats of another existence. Bodies entangled in a pile of bones and bare flesh, fresh from pillaging the valleys and mountains of each other's kingdoms, we lay still as one pondering the cast iron cage of the constellations that fate has reserved for us; feeding us inklings of our purpose.

I lie in your wake acutely aware of my existence, yet without any understanding of it. We say our souls have been bound lifetimes behind this one, our hearts intertwined in the cosmos again and again, somehow coming together always seeking the same star. That span suggestive of life before you-amaranthine minutae scattered through ceaseless years- seems now a trail of breadcrumbs leading up to the moment where our lives began, again as a whole, immortal in devotion. This would explain such perpetual depth as we are steadily diving, me into your ocean, you into my sky, unfathomable realms of existence that we are ever longing for just a taste of, if not a complete assimilation. We dip into each other ceaselessly causing equal parts crystalline beautitude and deathless sorrow that can only be developed through so many lifetimes combined; and we are bound as much as we are liberated in our affections. With earmarks of lust, ardor, fervor, friendship, compassion, fulfillment, we continue in our spiraling abyss to where the sky meets the sea, where souls are not bound by the confines of physical realities, and we may travel through our many durations of timed breaths with all of our realities complete.

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