Photo by  Luna Zorro.

Photo by Luna Zorro.


Rogue Habits is a space to document the curious and creative. It’s an investigative journey into the seeking mind and wandering soul. More than a place, it’s best described as a feeling and the constant drive to get back to that impassioned sphere.

To put it in more tangible terms, it’s when you see or hear a beautiful body of work and you think, “Wow, this person must live in such a beautiful world.” And not the world in the sense of the corporeal boundaries around them, but within their creation of space and perception. That blip of inspiration is what Rogue Habits strives to be – the gateway to a place of pure illumination and endless possibility.

That sensation is the same as when you decide to move beyond fear and decide to just jump. Calculated steps can be taken along the way before the leap, or it can be entirely intuitive, but ultimately it’s that tingle of knowing that it’s time, and you dive right in to accept and begin your life as you want it to become.

Often creative endeavors are perceived a leisure pursuit, lingering on the sidelines waiting for you to see its true potential. Most of the time these stay avocations, not to be taken seriously because really how realistic is it to believe that you can transform what you love into what you do for a living every day? We measure our successes in levels of efficiency, our lives condensed in to a to-do list, when what truly makes life worthwhile is the ability to be present and the capacity for wonder and joy. As Annie Dillard put it, “how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” And a labor of love is a life of continual gratification.

So here’s to pursuing and persisting in our own Rogue Habits.


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