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Chasing sun spots

He doesn't recognize sun spots as I do as he does not come from the same darkness as mine. Continual light chasing is burdenous, soul-draining, and I longed for a stable, safe warmth to keep forever. Exhausted of fleeting rays that lasted only enough for you miss it when it disappears, I had given up the hunt. However, now it was him seeking sun spots for me and I followed him, knowing that he would always lead me to a better place, and that this type of uprooting and flux was imperative to persistent growth rather than the destruction and loss I associated it with. He led me from sun spot to sun spot and I knew it would be alright-that this was real with the parts in between, though colder, though enveloped in shadow, they pushed us to search within ourselves for the light rather than to outwardly seek for it. I was safe, and we were partners finding the warmth within each other, radiating as a single soul a luminosity that rivaled even that of the sun.

Moonstruck Intermediary

Summum bonum