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Bipolar in my causes.

The days fly by at a faster rate with each coming week. It seems that once the weekend arrives-days that I've so been looking forward to-I'm already terrified of the coming Monday where my dreams, my connection to the greater will be stripped from me. I miss days amid the sea and the trees. I miss true appreciation of time, diminishing sense of time even. When not immersed in society, each moment is meaningful. You act in accordance with how you feel, and almost certainly that takes you to a better place, further initiates growth. Here I am so focused on having enough, or making enough so that I no longer have to worry about making more, but that is only a false reality. You can never have enough in a place like this. There would require a complete disconnect. I want a home, a garden, sustainability, community, a free life. I complain about the same things again and again but still haven't figured it out. I often feel bipolar in my causes--that what I want are two separate entities that will never exist on the same plane. The other day Cory asked, "What is the purpose of human existence?" We tear and burn the earth, giving nothing in return. How do we benefit the planet? We don't, but as we are here we should be asking what can we do to make things better, to make a change. Is that even possible? In everyday life we can instill joy, patience, peace, hope. This, as a ripple effect can lead to greater impact. It's a matter of maintaining peace within ourselves that is the challenge. Where can we be free? It's not a matter of time or place. Liberation is in me, now, always. Stay true of heart. Don't give in. Live. Love. Laugh.

To an implausibly staggering weekend:

What I mean when I say, "I miss you."