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I'm Jen, a writer, editor, designer and photographer. Want to chat? Drop me a line here or via social media below.

The Way of the Writer

I suppose the way of the writer is to be depressed, or rather to see the shadows behind the light in order to create depth. Hidden turmoil, pain, suffering are all easily witnessed and ripped out as it provides such great inspiration; and so I live my life in this way feeding off the dark so as to present reality, raw emotion and finally to divulge some sort of clarity behind the everyday guise put up as protection for emotionally vulnerable states, for true selves. Perhaps it is just that-a sense of clear perception; to be able to see through layers to the core of being. Or, I am merely projecting and a miserable person in myself, seeking pitiful experiences in others; desperately seeking the same pain in others and dissecting them so that I may feel the normal one. Maybe it's both, and just a way to work through each devastating moment. 


Cavity Cleanse