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Realizations and Goals For 2014

I started out this year thinking I knew, that through the unparalleled amount of pain and beauty, through blood and flowers, I had grown to a place of awareness, if not understanding. In the duration of this year, I discovered that I knew nothing at all and that my knowledge of love-love for others, love for self, and love in its definition-was minuscule as compared to the real thing, which I'm still figuring out. In the completion of this year, I realized that I must remain in this state of unknowing and emptiness so that I may be filled with love and lessons from others in hopes of imparting inspiration and meaning in turn. This next year I will strive to be ever present, open, patient, and compassionate. Though it has been an exceedingly stunning year in places physically and emotionally, I will push to find the beauty in each day and moment, even in the smallest and simplest of things. I will push for growth, but rather than measuring in months and days, I will challenge each second to be an opportunity to expand. I will appreciate what I have and respect what is, but never cease to question everything. I will no longer put things off-including my happiness and well being. I will love fiercely, openly, and without hesitation, and hope to understand what that truly means before the end of the coming year. Through death, I have found life, and I am incessantly learning how to live it. 


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