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Spherical Bliss

Tilden sunset hike:

I stared and stared into the sun until I was sure I was blind but was so captivating by the healing energy radiating from his warm body. The clouds, drawn in by his elegance, glide across in hopes of keeping him for themselves, but they are washed away by the wind who equally is drawn his magnificence. She blows the clouds and they soar towards me, above my head, enveloping me in spherical bliss. I am of the universe and she holds me in her arms, holds me tight and then releases me in a quick throw--and I soar with the clouds and the wind, grateful to be with them in their journey to peace; their unending cyclic voyage which feeds their souls, feeds the earth, us, and all living things. The sun. He sets, and puts us to rest. The clouds and wind move on to other lands. And I am here in body but my spirit has flown with them to see what wonders there may be beyond this existence.

I have seen nothing more beautiful than something in its natural state.

Through blood and flowers

To asphyxiate you.