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The delicate origami of tongues and fingers..

MDMA by Daniel Sluman We’re floored like snow angels on the carpet; I show you how to roll a cigarette - the delicate origami of tongues and fingers reflected in the glitter-heaped mirror.

Lilly has met you in her dreams before - paranoia or white witch, she has seen your eyes fizz like coke in a clean glass - your shower fun smile on display and legs apart.

  An invitation to hold that slippery bundle of thighs and slide a hand to the headboard.

A razor-fine line rushes through arteries to the air eating heart; a thousand drops of water burst onto skin - flutter tattoos of light from the pores - shadows flinging themselves on the wall.

In the dark, the red of our roll-ups swing from lips like fireflies - she would hurl at the sight of our hands whilst our feet stuck to the floor of the bar - how I flicked line after heavy line your way

This kiss has within it that surrender..