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Best known in the hip-hop community for his outlandish hair and laidback style, rapper MURS drew in an audience with his casual, but high-energy performance this past Sunday night at Velvet Jones. Known for his outspoken lyrics and unrefined technique, the L.A. native takes a more thoughtful approach to the long-established West Coast style. Generating an impressive turnout—especially for a Sunday—MURS performed to a room full of fans that matched him word for word throughout the set. Accompanied by two L.A.-based artists—freestylist Verbs and Latin rapper Psycho Realm—MURS brought together a diverse collaboration of artists for a particularly eclectic series of opening sets. Still, it was ultimately MURS who stole the show with his organic flow and smooth beats.

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They stare with piercing gazes; lifeless hosts teeming with pain and sentiment.

Desi Spunk