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I Trust You To Kill Me

A pained face outlined by a single spotlight holds spellbound the room with tortured, yet beautiful, breathy vocal affections, unaware of the world around him. Viewers, captivated by the dark, crooning figure, exist in a reverie, unable to take their eyes away from the stage. Enchanting with a strong and sensual, almost predatory vibe, Rocco DeLuca drew in listeners with his sultry voice and intricate strumming of his guitar strings Tuesday night at Velvet Jones. With a distinctively mysterious aura, DeLuca speaks his heart, but leaves just enough room to wonder about his life experiences, making for a very intoxicating show. Prior to DeLuca’s entrance, the room was graced with the incredibly sweet Skyler Stonestreet whose soft, melodic voice and heartfelt lyrics had the crowd mesmerized. Performing a number of charming, daydream-inspiring songs, she gave a breath of fresh air to the dark space; and to the music industry with her new, exceptionally enchanting EP “You”.

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I breathe in to internalize the relentless fantasia before me, and exhale back to reality, leaving behind my fairyland and fighting to accept it is only a figment of my imagination: a fool’s paradise, and mere apparition lingering in the depths of my restless mind.

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