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I wish I was 40...I wish I was water!

Known for coining new slang dialect and fluid, bass thumping music analogous with the Bay Area, E-40’s rap innovations are one of the hip hop industry’s most steadfast success stories. A lyrical genius, E-40 has revolutionized the rap game and proven his aptitude with his versatility, being able change with the times and stay on top of the game for over twenty years. His skill of fusing his OG style with conventional, current trends has created a resolute, irreplaceable edge that is paving the way for future hip hop generations. E-40's show at Velvet Jones was nothing short of what I expected as by the end of the night, the audience was in a state of hysteria, screaming and scrambling to get closer and on stage; some even disregarding security and jumping into the limelight to steal a quick dance with Earl. To say that Santa Barbara locals are dying to have 40 Water back for another show would be an understatement.

A particularly impressive opening group was Black Resume. Offering an intensely passionate, raw, and imaginative flavor to the rap game, Black Resume is bringing back that explicit, organic fervor that mainstream music has begun to lose sight of. Check them out at

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Lost in a myriad of pigments, the current moves in impossible rhythms, pulsing between the jagged laceration, bleeding blends of scarlet, rust, sapphire, emerald, and onyx.

"A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages."