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Rape Me, Beat Me, Love Me

In recognition of a friend of mine that experienced a brutally abusive relationship, and in light of Rihanna's incident, I was inspired to create a print with the words, "Rape me, beat me, love me" to show that although society looks down on these women, anyone can become a victim of love and violence. Several months ago, I printed the completed graphic on a wife beater (self-explanatory) as well as on a mirror and different types of paper including pages out of a phone book with names that began with 'R'. The first image shows the completed wife beater modeled in front of a fence we found with the word "abuse" tagged on it. Each of these projects are below. Click on an image to enlarge. [gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="title"]

What Appears On the Outside May Not Be What's Lurking On the Inside